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US Colleges With Strong Greek Systems

clemson frat
February 1st, 2015

At some schools, the Greek live is almost nonexistent. There may be a few professional fraternities, but the social ones may not do much or may not even be allowed on campus.

Other schools seem to completely revolve around frats. These schools tend to have larger party lifestyles and be more focused on competition.

Here are a few of the latter.

University of Alabama

One of the greatest football schools in the nation, it shouldn’t be any surprise that Greek life is huge here. With about 20 percent of students participating in the Greek society, you can imagine what the party scene is like every weekend!

UAB Greek students pride themselves on their activities, but are humble enough to admit that they don’t stand a chance against the kind of gathering a good football game will bring.

Clemson University

One of the friendliest universities in the States, Clemson students pride themselves on being very social and open. It’s not a huge school, which makes being friendly more important.

Part of this social aspect comes from the large Greek presence there. Anyone in a fraternity or sorority is naturally more open to making friends with other people in the Greek life, but that doesn’t mean they’re unwilling to make other friends as well.

George Mason University

This is one of those schools where people will tell you that you’re either “Greek or Geek.” In other words, you either have a social life and participate in Greek events and frats, or you don’t have a lot of friends and you are basically a loner.

This is mainly due to the huge amount of people who commute to GM. It’s basically a commuter school, which explains the difficulty to meet new people.

Dartmouth College

As the school where Animal House took place, it makes sense that Dartmouth would make the list.

Most students will tell you that unless you’re in a frat, you won’t have much going on during the weekend. Even though there are a few sports opportunities and the chance to explore the great outdoors, sometimes you just need to hang out inside and have a few beers with friends.

Washington and Lee University

According to a survey done at Washington and Lee, over 80% of students are in fraternities and sororities! While that was from a relatively small survey, that’s still shows that the Greek life is huge on this campus.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Yup- good ol’ MIT is actually another place where Greek life reigns supreme. This is probably due to the high amount of stress that these brainiacs are constantly under. Having a few buddies to drink with anytime you want definitely has its benefits.

The survey conducted found that over 40% of males at MIT were involved in Greek life, and over 30% of the females are as well. Even though there are some schools with higher percentages, these are surprisingly high considering it’s not thought of as a party school.

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